Introducing Phonenomena…

Introducing Phonenomena…

Firstly, we’d like to say… Welcome to Phonenomena.

It’s easy to pigeonhole us into “just another service provider” one that just does the job and that’s that; every interaction is just a business transaction. However, Phonenomena would like to show you that while we get the job done and deliver what we promise, we also want to create an enjoyable and friendly experience for our customers. Every interaction generates a pleasant and positive reaction (a slight revision of Newton’s Third Law).

We want to create positive, long lasting relationships between our team, our customers and the community. To help this along, we thought providing you with an inside look at Phonenomena will show you that we’re NOT just another service provider, but a company with strong values, an amazing team and a drive for acquiring and sharing knowledge. It’s all part of the experience we offer here at Phonenomena.

In fact, we’d like to think of it as the Phonenomena Experience.


So what are we all about?

We love the Ritz Carlton’s motto of “we are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen”. Our customers deserve the best, so we have to be the best. This means continuously pushing our team to achieve their potential through training and team building trips, celebrating their achievements and of course only recruiting the best people to serve the best companies in Australia. As you’ll come to see we’re a passionate, interesting and diverse bunch of people. So much more than just voices over the phone.

Constantly acquiring and updating our knowledge and staying up to date with developments that affect telecommunications and mobile technology is one of our priorities. We want to foster a community of shared knowledge and insight. The Phonenomena blog is a vehicle for us to achieve this, by providing you the best, up to date information on all things mobile, with the odd entertaining but not entirely irrelevant video or story thrown in.

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Before we show you the faces of Phonenomena, Phonenomena believes in engendering a culture of smiles, because as we all know smiling is infectious!


We would like to extend an invitiation to you to become a part of the Phoneomena experience.

We’d like you to follow us through our ongoing journey and engage with us here on the blog and on our social media channels (coming soon). Hearing what you have to say matters to us!


Our Version Of The A-Team…

We didn’t think keeping our exceptionally good looking team to ourselves was fair, so we decided to share them with you!


So now you know a little bit more about us, give us a call or post a comment so we can get to know you!