iPhone Helps Rescue Young Boy Stuck In Well

iPhone Helps Rescue Young Boy Stuck In Well

Firefighters in China have used an iPhone to rescue a 2 year old boy who fell into a 40-foot deep dry well while playing with friends.

Firefighters were called to free the toddler in Mengzi City, in Yunnan Province. After the harness they were attempting to use to rescue the boy failed (the boy kept slipping through), the firefighters resorted to taping an iPhone to a rope to lower down into the narrow shaft. The video function helped firefighters gauge the best way to loop the straps around the boy, enabling them to free the toddler.






This is not an isolated incident of smartphones saving lives. In 2010 a man told NBC Miami how he used his iPhone to save his life while stuck under rubble in the 210 Haiti earthquake. Dan Wooley used a medical app to diagnose his injuries and to find instructions on how to treat the excessive bleeding from cuts on his legs and the back of his head. Wooley also used his iPhone to look up ways to stop from going into shock and to take pictures of the surrounding rubble to try and find a way out.

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