Screen Protector Makes iPhone and iPad Screen (Almost) Indestructible

Screen Protector Makes iPhone and iPad Screen (Almost) Indestructible

No matter what device you own (unless it’s an old school Motorola DynaTAC 8000X), the fear of the next drop producing a cracked screen affects most of us.

Thankfully though, iPhone and iPad accessory producer Padacs, has a solution. Padacs has developed a strong, transparent plastic shield that protects your iPhone and iPad from “scratches, smashes and crashes”. Padacs claim that the screen protector will protect your phone from bricks, nails and drops on concrete. It is shock- absorbent and shock proof. A dream for butterfingers.

The Fortress screen protector is composed of four layers:

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  • The Shock Absorptive Cushioning Layer + Shock Dispersive Cushioning Layer provides a double cushion against shocks.
  • Stretch Resistant Layer: Overcomes the problem of excessive elasticity which plagues many shock absorptive films.
  • Repositionable Silicon Adhesive Layer: enables easy re-attaching of the film and gets rid of little air bubbles.


Not quite convinced? Watch their demonstration video below.

The Fortress pack for the iPhone 4/4s comes with two films for the front and one for the back and the iPad2/new iPad pack comes with one film for the screen. They are priced at $49.95 and $59.95 respectively and are only available through the PCRange reseller channel or Padac’s website.