The $7,708,000 Tablet

The $7,708,000 Tablet

Tired of owning a run-of-the mill tablet?

Forget getting the latest and greatest tech, to really stand out, you simply must have an iPad made out of 65,000,000 year old Tyrannosaurus Rex bone.

Imagine pulling out your gold, diamond and T-rex encrusted Tablet, with a main frame made out of 75,000,000 year old stone sourced from Canada (called Ammolite) in a meeting, at a party or just wherever you feel the need. You can rest assured you will have the most unique (and most expensive) tablet in the world.

The iPad 2 Gold History edition weighs about 2.5kg, created by British luxury goods specialist Stuart Hughes (who also crafted a solid gold iPhone), will set you back a modest $7,708,000. Forget the Ferrari, Luxury Yacht or 20 bedroom mansion, this is the must have for the obscenely rich, especially because there are only two in existence. If the T-Rex bone and 75 million year old stone didn’t impress you, the Apple logo¬†made out of 53 individual gems¬†and 12.5 carat diamonds certainly should.

If a blend of the ancient with the new is not quite your thing but you have money to blow, why not visit Hughes’ site. Maybe the solid gold MacBook Air will pique your interest?