Looking past iOS6: The Laptop/ Tablet Hybrid is Coming

Looking past iOS6: The Laptop/ Tablet Hybrid is Coming

Slightly overshadowed by the hype over WWDC, Computex 2012 delivered some interesting tech and unveiled some upcoming trends in the computer/tablet market last week in Taipei.

While Apple have taken a “No- Hybrid” stance on its iPad, with Tim Cook stating that:

it looks like for other hardware makers this is the way of the future. Computex revealed a host of laptop/tablet hybrids from a wide variety of companies, all predictably with Windows 8 as the operating system, who believe that convergence will not compromise user experience.

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Asus AiO Pad

One of the more interesting products showcased was Asus’ AiO Pad, which functions as both a tablet and an all-in-one desktop. The 18.4inch touchscreen monitor/ tablet will be capable of dual booting both Windows 8 and Android ICS. Place it in the docking station and you essentially have a Windows PC, remove it and you have an Android tablet. While it would seem more logical to keep the Windows 8 OS across both forms, ICS was most likely included for current ICS smartphone owners who want to converge their devices.

Acer Slider S20

Acer also unveiled a 11.6in touchscreen Ultrabook with an unusual fold-out keyboard. This allows the device to be quickly transformed into a laptop or tablet, depending on the task at hand.




Acer Iconia W510

The Iconia W510 runs on Windows 8, with a distinctive docking hinge that allows the 10.1inch touchscreen to be rotated 295 degrees. The tablet can be detached from the keyboard, giving you the option of three modes with one device.





Acer Iconia W700

While the 11.6 inch tablet isn’t quite as enormous as the AiO, it’s a decent size for a tablet. The device comes with a Dolby Home Theatre surround sound, 3 USB 3.0 ports, swivelling cradle dock and keyboard accessory. It also runs on Windows 8.







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