Sweet Dreams: Sigmund app helps you program your dreams

Sweet Dreams: Sigmund app helps you program your dreams

If you’ve ever wanted to drive a Ferrari in the Italian countryside, see the earth from space or relax on your own tropical island, it’s all possible… in your dreams.

The Sigmund app has been developed by Harvard and MIT PhD students to help its users to program their dreams. The app doesn’t aim to control every aspect of your REM cycle journeys, but instead it works by softly repeating up to five words (e.g. castles, travel, flying), that you choose from the app’s list of about 1000 words. The list includes words from categories like places, people, nature and occasions, and all have strong visual correlations.

Once you’ve chosen the 5 words, the app has you set an alarm. It then uses an algorithm to determine when you go into REM sleep and then whispers sweet nothings into your ear. When choosing your words, it’s best to choose descriptive strings such as “blue rose flower garden” to get the most out of the app.

The app can’t guarantee results, as it works best for those with regular sleep patterns, as Daniel Nadler, co-founder of the project, explains in USA Today’s Technology Live:

The app is available only in the app store for $0.99, well worth giving it a go if you’d prefer to dream of lounging on your private island in the Caribbean.