Need Military-Grade Protection For Your Messages?

Need Military-Grade Protection For Your Messages?

While we may not all be celebrities, politicians or high-level military personnel, we may not be concerned about the paparazzi, leaked documents of a top secret mission or scandal, we all value privacy for our communications. Whether you are in a profession that deals with highly confidential documents, or just your average citizen who doesn’t want the whole world to know about your personal conversations, Wickr┬áhas the solution for you.

Wickr provides end to end military grade encryption for your confidential communications, complete with a self destruct timer. ┬áThe app, which is free (there is a paid version, which offers premium features) to download from the App Store for the iPhone, iPad and iPod, aims to help you “leave no trace” with your communications, putting your mind at ease when sending something you don’t want shared with the world or at least anyone other than the intended recipient.

As co-founder Nico Sell states “now by default, all our personal and business communications are traceable. We think that by default your communications should be untraceable.”

Wickr provides military-grade encryption for your files and ensures there are no copies left to linger on computer servers used to route messages. This coupled with the self-destruct component (with users able to decide how long files continue to exist after being opened) offers a great solution to maintain your privacy. “After you view a message or picture, the application erases the forensics on the phone so no one could go back and find a trace of that,” said co-founder Robert Statica, an engineering professor specialising security technology.

According to the website, the messages are encrypted before they even leave your phone. The encrypted data is then passed through their service and provider networks in its encrypted form and then decrypted by the receiving device. Furthermore, they state that their servers never process or store unencrypted messages nor are they ever in possession of the keys to decrypt them.

The company is also working on a version of Wickr for laptop and desktop computers as well as web browser “plug ins” designed to bring this functionality to email programs such as Gmail or Outlook. Furthermore, the company hopes to release the app for Android in the near future.

For those of you in professions where handling confidential documents is almost a daily occurrence, or for those who just want peace of mind knowing their messages are secure, Wickr might just be the app for you.

Source: SMH