5 Of The Coolest iPhone 5 Concepts

5 Of The Coolest iPhone 5 Concepts

With Mashable reporting the iPhone 5 (or the new iPhone) will be released around September this year (via Japanese tech blog Macotakara), the possibility of a new iPhone is becoming even more of a reality.

So, no longer is it a question of “when will it be released” but rather what will the new iPhone look like? A horde of designers have taken to their drawing boards to imagine what the latest addition to the iPhone family will look  like, ranging from incremental changes to radically different concepts.

Check out our top 5 below:

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Spider Like iPhone 5

iPhone 5 conceptWhile this concept is incredibly eerie, something you may find in a Sci Fi horror, it’s an interesting concept, particularly in the wake of Google Glasses. This concept by Federico Ciccarese points towards a future of wearable tech, suggesting our favourite pieces of technology could soon become a part of our wardrobe.

Rather than holding your phone in your hand, it will rest on top, sort of like a tech glove. The concept features a curved design that is worn on the back of your hand, with the five ‘legs’ wrapping between your fingers and around the wrist. In terms of the interface, it mimics the current iPhone’s display, so nothing too innovative there. However, the curved casing appears to be flexible, which would certainly mould quite nicely to hands of all sizes.

This concept would be incredibly useful for navigation because of its accessibility and portability, though its suitability for calls and sending messages is doubtful. While it most likely won’t be entirely comfortable, the sheer creativity behind the design of this concept paints quite an impressive view of the future of mobility.

See-Through screen

This concept by Dakota Adney (Adney Films) showcases a very sleek iPhone with a see-through screen and holographic keyboard. While the see-through glass certainly does add a sort of sophisticated beauty to the iPhone, there isn’t much in the way of improvements to functionality. The holographic keyboard is a nice touch though and something that


Ultra-thin, laser keyboard & holographic display

This iPhone 5 concept by Aatma Studio shows a phone with quite a few cool features.

The first of which, being its ultra thin profile and seemingly larger screen. Using computer generated graphics, the team behind this concept added a laser keyboard which is swiped onto surfaces, outside of the iPhone as well as giving the user the ability to rotate the keyboard and adjust the brightness. The video also features a holographic display, which allows media on the iPhone to be shown as a hologram, in a very Star Wars-esque fashion.

More Curves

Another design by Federico Ciccarese, depicts the iPhone 5 with an abundance of curves, almost reminiscent of the Apple mouse you’d be using with a Mac. While Frederico does not offer much in the way of functionality in this concept, the design is incredibly sleek and simple, the essence of  Apple products.

Virtual Home Button

iPhone 5 ConceptAntoine Brieux (for Nak Studio), came up with this concept after speculation circulated of liquidmetal being the material of choice for the new iPhone. This concept for the iPhone features a quad core A6 chip, a much larger 4.5 inch screen (the iPhone 4s has a 3.5inch screen) and an embedded SIM card. The most notable features of this concept design is the virtual home button, which disappears in landscape mode and the slick liquidmetal case. 

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