How To Do Hard Resets on iOS devices

How To Do Hard Resets on iOS devices

You’ve tried restarting your iPhone or iPad , tried taking the SIM out and putting it back in, you’ve checked all the settings are correct and you’re contemplating sending in the device for repair (or throwing it out the window in frustration). But, before you give up all hope, try a hard reset, it may just do the job!

The below steps will be the same for all versions of the iPhone and iPad.

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Reset Your Device

Hold down the sleep/wake button and the home button at the same time for at least 10 seconds, until the Apple logo appears.


Reset All Settings

If you find that the above doesn’t help, try resetting the device’s settings:

This will reset all of your preferences, however your data and media will not be affected.


Erase All Content And Settings

As a complete and utter last resort, you can also erase all content and settings for the device (make sure you have a backup ready on iTunes).

Note: This will reset all settings to the default settings and all of your information and media will be erased.


Pro Tip: ‘No Service’

If you find yourself mysteriously and suddenly without service or your wi-fi/ VPN isn’t working and you’ve tried restarting the device to no avail, try this:

When you reset the network settings, your list of previously used networks and VPN settings not installed by a configuration profile are removed. The Wi-Fi will be turned off and then back on again, disconnecting you from any network you are on.


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