Introducing New Members To The Phonenomena Family!

Introducing New Members To The Phonenomena Family!

The Phonenomena family have some new recruits!

In the past couple of weeks we have had two new members, Jono Morgan and Michael Gara, join the team at Phonenomena , both of which are former Telstra superstars.

So you can learn a little bit about them and get introduced we asked them to answer a few questions about themselves!


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Brief Introduction

Hi, my name’s Jono.

I am an ex-pat kiwi. My wife and I moved over here in march last year.  We were working out of Auckland, but spent a lot of our time on the Coromandel in a place called Whangamata.

We are really enjoying the Sydney lifestyle, so much to do.  I get out surfing as much as I can and I am currently playing rugby for the Mosman Whales rugby club.

Prior to joining Phonenomena I was at Telstra in the Enterprise and Government mobiles team. Back in New Zealand I worked for HP as a Partner Business Manager, looking after HP’s channel partners.








Surf Life Saving


5 things I can’t live without

Family – The single most important thing in my life. At the forefront of my mind in everything that I do.

The Ocean – The world’s best play ground! I absolutely love the ocean and getting out and about above and below the water. We are very fortunate to be in this part of the world with the ocean so accessible.

Friends – I love nothing better than catching up with all my mates and having lots of laughs and adventures.

The All Blacks – You can’t be a kiwi and not love our boys in black! I still get tingles every time I am watching the haka.

My Reebok Pumps – When I was a young fella, my mum said I could have a pair when I grow up. Now I am grown up, I own a pair. Perfect for all occasions.


What I Look Forward To Working Here At Phonenomena

I cannot wait to get out and meet all of our clients, to get to know them and continue to provide the exceptional level of service that they have come expect here at Phonenomena.


Brief Introduction

Hi, my name is Michael.

I previously worked as a manager at a Telstra store for 2 years, and before that spent 12 years in the photographic industry doing retail/corporate sales and also working as a photographer. I was born in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, but lived for 7 years in Holland in a suburb of Amsterdam called Amstelveen in the late 80’s.



I have been playing guitar for almost 23 years, and play the Bass guitar and Piano (and iPad!)

I have worked as a photographer since the day I turned 18. I love many different styles of photography and operate event photography and photo booth businesses.

Travel is something I have always had a passion for. I was lucky enough to have lived in Holland for 7 years from where I was able to do extensive travelling with my family, and then again all over the world as I got a little older!

5 Things I Can’t Live Without

Family! – I have 3 nephews and a 6 month old niece who I love to spend as much of my free time as I can with.

My Guitars – I have a fairly decent collection of all sorts of guitars, at last count 7 + 1 bass. I love the creative outlet I get from picking

Camera Gear – Again here, my other main passion, I have a fairly extensive collection of cameras, lenses and other accessories. I also love being able to capture moments in history and constantly learning new techniques.up a guitar and improvising some new music.

iPad! – Game changer! I bought it almost exclusively for its incredible musical instrument apps, but found that I use it for MUCH more.

Mobile Phone – Well… no surprise there! I love having every piece of knowledge in the world in my pocket at all times! There are no questions that go unanswered anymore these days!


What I Look Forward To Working Here At Phonenomena

Since coming on board with Phonenomena, I have found the team to be very welcoming, efficient and eager to help each other out. I also really enjoy the camaraderie between everyone, as experienced in our recent company Ski weekend at Perisher! I look forward to growing with the company as I learn more about Phonenomena and our clients businesses and needs.

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