Would You Like Fries With That Deep Fried iPad?

Would You Like Fries With That Deep Fried iPad?

Inspired by viral video of a Japanese teenager who deep fried and then attempted to eat his Sony PSP, Henry Hargreaves,  a New York based photographer has served up a hot and fresh plate of fried electronics.

Hargreaves, who originally hails from Christchurch, New Zealand, gave a MacBook, Gameboy, iPhone and external hard drive along with an iPad the deep fried treatment.

For many, the thought of frying gadgets like these would induce a heart attack, and it seems Hargreaves had the same feeling. To save himself from burning a hole in his pocket and possibly more, he made scale models of the objects before plunging them into the deep fryer.

The meaning behind this work of art? Hargreaves saw a natural connection between the way technology and fast food have come to dominate our lives, using the hysteria surrounding the release of new Apple products as an example:

Check out the freshly fried gadgets below: