Amplify Your iPhone The Old Fashioned Way

Amplify Your iPhone The Old Fashioned Way

While smartphones have become excellent tools for nearly anything imaginable, one area in which they are lacking is connected to its original purpose. It’s no secret that smartphones, without the aid of external technologies, have poor sound volume, particularly when taking calls or listening to music.

There are a countless number of state of the art amplification technologies out there to help boost the sound for your smartphone. However, Falco Freeman offers an old school solution for our almost futuristic devices by calling on the age old principles of acoustics.

AudioGlove is a two-piece case that slides open to create an acoustically engineered waveguide chamber and has been proven to increase sound volume by 20% through testing at Dolby’s Laboratories. When taking a call, listening to music or doing anything else that requires high sound volume, you simply extend the bottom of the AudioGlove case, which creates an acoustic channel to boost both sound levels and the microphone input.

As an added bonus, the AudioGlove is made out of high-quality polycarbonate, so it not only boosts sound, but doubles as a sleek protective case too!

To go along with the AudioGlove, is a solid aluminium stand, which makes the ” AudioGloved” iPhone even more effective and convenient during conference calls, while typing on the computer or when you find yourself multitasking.

The AudioGlove is a Kickstarter project, which still has 11 days to go with a goal of $30,000.