Telstra Samsung Galaxy SIII 4G Pricing Revealed

Telstra Samsung Galaxy SIII 4G Pricing Revealed

Telstra have announced that the LTE compatible version of Samsung’s flagship phone the Galaxy S3, will be available for purchase Tuesday October 9.

Andrew Volard, Director, Telstra Mobile, said Telstra was thrilled to be able to offer Samsung Galaxy SIII 4G on “Australia’s only national 4G-enabled network”. “The combination of a quad-core processor, the fastest Android operating platform yet and 4G internet speeds will make it incredibly easy for our customers to stream music and video, surf the web and use video chat to connect with their friends,” he said. “And with Telstra’s 4G coverage now available in more than 100 metropolitan and regional areas across the nation, customers will be able to enjoy a full speed experience in more than twice as many places as other 4G networks.” (Source: Delimiter)

While the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a fantastic phone in its own right, for many, the addition of 4G will significantly improve the experience, particularly with Telstra’s 4G version. Telstra customers can make high definition voice calls, with the built-in HD Voice support enabling crisper, clearer calls when connecting to callers that have HD Voice compatible handsets on Telstra’s Mobile Network.

Telstra Samsung Galaxy S3 4G

In terms of differences between the 4G version and the 3G version of the Galaxy S3 (apart from LTE capability of course) there isn’t much. One difference is the increase in RAM in the 4G version, which has 2GB RAM compared to the 1GB RAM in the 3G version. The 4G S3 will also be running the latest Android operating system, 4.1 Jelly Bean, which offers a number of improvements over the previous version, Ice Cream Sandwich.

Telstra have announced that they will sell the handset for consumers on Telstra’s $60 Every Day Connect Plan with a $6 handset repayment per month (after using an included MRO bonus). While business plans haven’t been announced yet, it is expected that Telstra will offer business customers similar plans to that of the consumer plans.

Telstra will sell the Galaxy S3 4G in both the “onyx black” and “titanium gray” colour variants of the Galaxy S3 4G.

Many have dubbed the Galaxy S3 as on par with the iPhone 5 (which also has LTE compatibility), so now, particularly with the addition of 4G to the handset, the S3 may one of the iPhone 5’s greatest contenders.

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