Automate Your Home Using Your Smartphone

Automate Your Home Using Your Smartphone

Imagine having a home and appliances that can think for themselves.

Sounds pretty futuristic right? SmartThings has turned this almost impossible dream into a reality, by connecting household items and even your house itself to the Internet. This wireless, smartphone-connected system makes the fully automated home possible, providing endless ways in which to make our hectic lives easier.

SmartThings uses SmartApps, which essentially enable you to interact with connected things in your physical world and automate many of the everyday functions. Home dwellers can connect any lock, thermostat, light and kitchen appliance to the Internet, turning everyday objects can become fully automated with a range of motion, moisture, open/close and presence sensors, which connect to the SmartThings Hub. For example, a SmartApp can notify you immediately if your pet runs out of your yard without you via your smartphone. All you need to do is connect your pet’s collar to the smart hub. You could also get an early warning or the app could directly contact a plumber when there is a leak somewhere before the damage gets out of hand with the “It’s Leaking!” SmartApp.

The Minnesota-based developers have come up with SmartThings Kits, which enables you to connect anything to a SmartApp such as:

  • Power Outlet – anything that can be plugged in, can be turned on and off
  • Open/Shut Sensor – know if doors, windows or cabinets are open or closed
  • Motion Sensor – detect movement within a room
  • Presence Sensor – know when people and pets come and go

For the modern busy professional or parent, the ability to control your home or office through your smartphone is a major time saver, and definitely the way of the future.

You can pre-order a SmartThings solution pack from the SmartThings website.

Check out the video below to find out more about how SmartThings work: