Top 3 Calendar Apps To Organise Your Schedule

Top 3 Calendar Apps To Organise Your Schedule

It’s no secret our lives are getting busier and busier, particularly with our phones and tablets allowing us to take our work with us everywhere.

We all have what seems like an endless amount of events, appointments or tasks to remember, making organising your week, month or year incredibly difficult. However, we’ve come up with 3 of the best calendar apps to help you keep up with your hectic schedule.

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For those of you deeply entrenched with Google Calendar, CalenGoo is the calendar app for you.

Available for both Android ($5.99) and iOS ($7.49) devices, CalenGoo integrates with Google Calendar to give you an overview of your upcoming events. CalenGoo displays your calendar in five different calendar views (day, week, month, agenda, landscape day) and allows you to reschedule events easily through the drag and drop function for the day, week, month and landscape day view.

The app also displays your calendar using the colours you have chosen for your events in Google calendar to make it easier to move between the app and Google Calendar. As an added bonus, CalenGoo allows you to make changes to your calendar offline and then sync the changes when you have access to internet, as well as allowing you to invite people to events and integrate with Google Tasks for creating tasks lists.



TouchCalendar Home screen widget

Available only for Android devices, TouchCalendar approaches the idea of a calendar app slightly differently to other apps in its genre.

Instead of the standard feature of several different calendar views, the entire calendar is viewable from a zoomable, scrollable interface, so for example if you were in the month view, to see what you have coming up for the week, you can just simply zoom in using pinch-zoom or double tap. The app also works with Google calendar, however, the integration is not quite as comprehensive as CalenGoo.

TouchCalendar also features calendar search in addition to allowing you to create custom repeating events (e.g. biweekly or bi monthly). The full version ($2.55) of the app adds the functionality of adding widgets to your home screen on your phone so you can have your calendar handy all the time.

Week Calendar

Week Calendar for iOSDespite the name, Week Calendar for iOS ($1.99) devices has quite a range of features.

Week Calendar gives users the option of not only viewing a week overview of their schedule, but also a list, day, month, year and agenda overview. The app enables you to colour-code individual events and is much more social orientated as you can link contacts to specific events and share events with others via email making it easy to organise your schedule. Users also have the option of setting customised alarms or recurrences as well as offering batch editing for events, various pre-made templates and per-event timezones.

Week Calendar works with all iOS supported calendars such a MobileMe, iCloud, Outlook, Google Calendar, Exchange and CalDAV, making Week Calendar a comprehensive calendar app for business users in particular.

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