Charge your iDevice with a rocking chair

Charge your iDevice with a rocking chair

While many companies such as Nokia and Google have thrown mobile charging technology into the future with wireless charging capable phones, Micasa Lab have come up with a much more exciting piece of charging technology.

iRock Generator Credit: Micasa Labs

The Zurich based team have developed a rocking chair, aptly named iRock, that utilises the rocking movement and turns it into power using the inbuilt generator. This power can be used to charge Apple devices such as the iPad and iPhone, while also featuring a built-in iPad dock and speakers to allow you to listen to tunes and surf the web while you relax.

iRock Speakers Credit: Micasa Labs

To demonstrate the charging capabilities of the iRock, a 60 minute rocking session is enough to charge an iPad 3 to 35%.

The hand-built iRock is currently available online in white, black, pink, green and blue for a tidy US$1300.

To find out more about the iRock, check out the video below!