Top 10 Mobile Accessories For Christmas

Top 10 Mobile Accessories For Christmas

Christmas shopping can be like climbing Mount Everest at the best of times, particularly when you’re out of ideas for presents.

The good news is, nearly everyone nowadays has a mobile phone and even a tablet, whether it is an old school Nokia, an iDevice or a touchscreen miniature PC, you have a whole new cupboard stocked with Christmas present ideas.

To help you along with your christmas shopping, we’ve come up with a range of accessories for mobiles and tablets, which are sure to be a crowd pleasing stocking stuffer.


Sinch Headphone Assistant

With more and more people using their mobile phone to replace their dedicated music player, keeping control of that unwieldy mess of headphones can be frustratingly difficult at times.

Sinch Headphone assistant

Credit: Engadget

However, this could be a problem of the past with the Sinch Headphone Assistant, which makes keeping your headphones organised, well, a sinch!

The Sinch is as simple in design as in use. It is made up of a couple of slender magnets encased in a rubber band with a hole punched on one end, where you thread your headphone cable through. After attaching it to your phone or media player, all you have to do then is wind the rest around your device, leaving the Sinch wedged in between the cable and your device, with the magnets allowing you to simply clip the Sinch up, securing your headphones and keeping them tangle free.

To unwind your headphones is as easy as giving the end of your headphones a gentle tug. It also allows you to store your headphones off your device in a neat little bundle.


Sony Ericsson MS430 Media Speaker Stand

Sony Ericsson MS430Portable music at its best, the Sony Ericsson MS430 Media Speaker stand is small enough to put in your pocket but loud enough to pack quite a punch.

Though the best thing about the MS430 Media Speaker Stand is its pure portability (no cords, just uses 3 AAA batteries), the aluminium body looks quite impressive and it’s super easy to use; just plug in your media device and away you go! The Speaker also doubles (as the name suggests) as a stand for your phone or media device.

iPhone Vintage Book Cover

Maybe you have an iPhone owner to buy for who reminisces about the good old days of paper and pen, or maybe someone who is a fan of vintage?

Either way, they’ll love the BookBook cover for the iPhone by Twelve South. This vintage styled leather iPhone case for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S looks great and also leads a double life. Not only does it offer protection for your iPhone, but it also serves as a wallet so you can keep your valuables together and safe in one place. While many may cringe at covers because of their tendency to shrink the screen real estate, the BookBook removes the side frames and gives you edge to edge screen access, while allowing for the case to be folded completely back when taking a call.

Twelve South HoverBar Stand For iPad

Twelve South HoverBar Stand for iPadAnother product from Twelve South, the HoverBar Stand for the iPad transforms your iPad into a second, touchscreen monitor for your Mac.

The flexible, L-shaped arm allows you to connect your iPad to your Mac using a sturdy, silicone-lined clamp. The bar can be bent and tilted to ensure you have the iPad facing in any direction to achieve your preferred viewing position. Why would you want an iPad as a second monitor? Well, you could use it to conference in with FaceTime while you work on a project, or you could monitor the weather or maybe stream some music from Pandora. HoverBar Stand for ipad

This iPad stand isn’t just for the computer aficionado, however, it’s also for the Masterchefs out there who enjoy using their iPad as a digital recipe book. The HoverBar Stand can be attached to a cabinet using just the clamp, bringing you your favourite cooking app, how to video or recipe right where you need it without a fuss.

Ion iCade

For fans of the retro gaming scene, the iCade brings the arcade back to the future and to your iPad.

The iCade by Ion is essentially a cabinet for your iPad, designed to recreate the glory days of the arcade game, complete with the trademark coloured joysticks and buttons. The iCade controls connect to your iPad wirelessly and it is compatible with more than 500 games and 100 Atari classics such as Asteroids, Centipede and Battlezone, which are  available through iCade compatible apps.

iTouch Gloves

Certainly a big drawback with touchscreen technologies is the need to remove gloves when using your touchscreen device, particularly when you run the risk of frostbite.

LCG Global may have a solution. Its iTouch Gloves are not only fairly fashionable (real) leather gloves with superb cashmere lining, but are also compatible with touchscreen surfaces. The capacitive pads at the end of each glove finger, allow those who are out and about during wintertime to continue using their device without the possibility of fingers turning to ice blocks.

Pocket Recharger

Whether you’re a power user or you’re often on the road, keeping your mobile devices recharged can become a hassle.

Enter the HyperJuice Micro. This pocket sized external battery will keep you connected, productive and entertained by extending the life of your tablet or smartphone.

The HyperJuice Micro features a powerful 3600mAh battery, which can extend the battery life of the new iPad by 3 hours or fully recharge the iPhone 3 times, which ultimately extends your talk time by 36 hours, internet use by up to 26 hours, video playback by up to 30 hours and audio playback by up to 80 hours. It has two USB ports to allow you to recharge two devices simultaneously, while also sporting a mini USB cable to recharge the HyperJuice Micro itself.

The device also allows pass-through charging so that you can charge the HyperJuice and your USB device at the same time.

The HyperJuice Micro is available in a variety of vibrant colours, making it not only incredibly useful but not too bad to look at either!

Jawbone Jambox

While this is indeed another portable speaker system for mobile devices, it does offer something a little extra.

The Jawbone Jambox is a wireless speaker system that doubles as a speakerphone. So, not only can you stream music from your PC or mobile device to this Bluetooth speaker, but with the built-in microphone, you can essentially use the speaker for calls or skype to get a much better sound than what you would from your mobile device’s in-built speakers.

The Jambox also features an industry first online platform called MyTalk, where you can download apps, software upgrades and the latest features. Essentially, the Jawbone gets smarter everytime you use it. Its integrated intelligence also allows you to personalise it to your specific preferences, making it an incredibly intelligent system.

Though the Jambox utilises a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery which will require recharging, the Jambox boasts 10 hours of battery life on continuous play, more than enough time to crank your tunes. As an added bonus for iPhone users, the battery percentage for the Jambox will display on the iPhone so you know when its time to recharge.


Toddy Cloth

For the hygiene conscious, the Toddy Cloth provides a solution for eliminating nasty germs from your touchscreen. The Toddy Cloth is a dual sided cloth, which features a plush microfiber material one side to clean and a patterned silk microfiber on the other side to buff and polish.

The Microfiber material contains an antimicrobial coating protected with the AEGIS Microbe Shield technology, which prevents the spread of germs and bacteria. The Toddy cloth also absorbs oils, dust and smudges with the need of any sprays.

As an added bonus, the Toddy cloth is reusable and environmentally friendly, as it is washable and stain and wrinkle resistant.


Logitech Tablet Keyboard

While most tablet users are content using the onscreen keyboard, power users or those needing to transform their tablet into more of a productivity tool will appreciate the tactile comfort and efficiency of a dedicated wireless external keyboard.

The Logitech Tablet Keyboard is compact and lightweight, which when coupled with the carrying case makes it easy to take with you wherever you go. You get an added bonus with the carrying case, as it also functions as a sturdy stand, capable of supporting your tablet in either portrait or landscape mode and capable of being adjusted to the angle you need.

Bluetooth is used to connect the tablet and the keyboard, meaning you don’t have to worry about messy cables each time. Staying true to its portable nature, the Logitech Tablet Keyboard is powered by 4 AAA batteries, so keeping it kicking is easy. The keyboard also supports media controls, in addition to shortcuts for the commands you use the most, making creating lengthy reports or documents as easy as if you were on a PC.

The Logitech tablet Keyboard comes in two varieties; one for the iPad and one for Android and Windows 8 tablets.

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