Captivating Customers With Remote Monitoring

Captivating Customers With Remote Monitoring

Can remote monitoring be used to create engaging content for your customers?

Captivaction, an Australian multimedia company based in Glenbrook, NSW thinks so.

While many regard remote monitoring as purely a security or analysis measure, Captivaction have managed to create a system which not only achieves this, but also presents a way to create engaging content for their clients’ website. Their CaptivEYE Webcam technology utilises  Telstra’s Telemetry solutions for “presenting real places in real time: for marketing, analysis, monitoring, timelapse and indeed all of these simultaneously.” CaptivEYE enables businesses to bring live & interactive video to their potential and existing customers or staff members by embedding camera feeds on their websites, including on mobile devices. This provides an almost endless amount of possibilities for engaging customers and improving work processes.

This impressive technology allows users to interactively control a camera in real time – right up to a 360 degree view – literally giving your customers a view into your product or processes or just as an engaging marketing tool. The technology utilises Telstra’s NextG Network to leverage 3G and 4G networks, allowing for views of remote locations or sites to be accessed anywhere in Australia. Satellite connectivity is also available for places where even 3G is inaccessible, such as on the HMB Endeavour during it’s year-long voyage around Australia which was streamed live with CaptivEYE.

We’re proud to say that Phonenomena have helped Captivaction get this incredibly innovative technology up and running by supplying Captivaction with the Telstra SIM cards and plan advice needed to connect the cameras with users. Managing Director Paul Carter says,

Phoneomena’s role in arranging and managing the dozens of Telstra data accounts we have is invaluable to us. Their efficiency, reliability and ongoing support is something we wouldn’t want to live without.

Captivaction’s CaptivEYE Webcam has already been put to use in a variety of situations for a wide variety of businesses. Our favourite however would have to be the “Chookcam” used by Ecoeggs for their customers to see live video of their free range farm.  Customers can take a look around the farm by controlling the camera through panning, zooming and tilting, and judging by the comments (all 244 of them) customers love the interactivity!

If you’re looking to implement your own remote monitoring system we can help. To find out more about how Phonenomena can supply you with Telstra’s mobile data SIM’s and ruggedised mobile broadband modems to meet all your remote monitoring needs, get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.