A Great New Addition To Phonenomena!

A Great New Addition To Phonenomena!

Brief Introduction

Hi, my name is Becky,

I live in Hornsby NSW with my Husband and prior to working for Phonenomena, I came from a finance and sales background. I have always enjoyed the customer service side of my roles and therefore I was delighted when I was offered my role with Phonenomena.

I grew up in Sydney and I still wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. My husband and I love Sydney and what it has to offer.






Water Sports



5 Things I Can’t Live Without 

My Husband- He completes me.

Family- They help you achieve your goals and keep you feeling human. Its nice to hang out with people that just get you and don’t judge you.

Friends- because they help you get through life. It’s important to have a network of people that just understand you. My husband and I enjoy spending time with our friends and just having a laugh.

Animals- they bring so much joy into your life. They are always happy to see you and they are always full of love.

Music- Music is so powerful, and has the ability to change so much in ones’ life. Music completely relaxes me.

What I Look Forward To Working Here At Phonenomena

Helping the business move forward and building further bonds with our Customers.