Phorce: A Smart Bag That Recharges, Stores and Cleans Your Smart Devices

Phorce: A Smart Bag That Recharges, Stores and Cleans Your Smart Devices

You would think with the rapid evolution of mobile gadgets, solutions for carrying and protecting them would evolve too. Unfortunately bags have failed to keep up with the continuous march of mobile device technology, failing to adapt and provide more innovative solutions. However, one Kickstarter project aims to help fix this, with a ‘smart bag’ for your smart devices.

PhorceMeet Phorce, a multipurpose, multiform bag for those of you needing a better carrying solution for your gadgets. Phorce isn’t just a standard laptop bag with pockets for your smartphone, tablet and laptop. No, Phorce not only protects your gadgets and makes it easier to carry them around, but the 54 Whr battery housed in the Phorce bag allows you to charge 3 USB devices simultaneously, keeping your gadgets going wherever you are. The charging capability isn’t limited to just smartphones and tablets, you can charge your laptop, camera, smartwatches, portable speakers, noise-cancelling headphones… the list goes on and on.

To get an idea of the battery capacity, Phorce can add 4 hours of run-time to a 15-inch Macbook or 7 hours to a MacBook Air, with the USB model capable of recharging an iPhone 8 times, a Galaxy SIII 6 times or a full-sized iPad once. The battery itself takes about 4 hours to recharge, making it easy to keep your devices going. 

While this is certainly very handy, this isn’t the best part. Phorce also allows you to morph the bag from backpack to messenger bag to briefcase on the go, which makes it perfect for commuting to work, travelling and just going about your day to day activities. The bag’s laptop compartment, tablet and smartphone pockets are also lined with a special fabric that automatically cleans your devices, which means fingerprint-free displays.

Phorce mobile app

And we haven’t even reached best bit yet.

What truly makes this bag a ‘smartbag’ is that it has it’s own application. The mobile app is available for iOS and Android, and uses Bluetooth to pair the bag with the phone to check the bag’s battery level, which is sent to your phone so you always know how much juice Phorce has to power your gadgets. You can also use the application to set up notifications to remind you when the battery needs recharging. Another fantastic feature about the application, is the alert you receive if you have left the bag behind, perfect for when you’re in a rush to catch your next flight!

To see Phorce in action, check out the video below!