Sydney Commuters To Get Real-Time Information On Trains

Sydney Commuters To Get Real-Time Information On Trains

If you use public transport frequently to commute in Sydney, nothing is worse than your train or bus being delayed and having no knowledge about it.

It’s all well and good to provide commuters with a published timetable for their route, but in our internet age where information is readily accessible via our phones, commuters are increasingly yearning for real-time information regarding delays, information which conventional timetables cannot provide.

Following suit from apps released last year that provide commuters with real-time bus information (e.g. TripView, Arrivo Sydney, TripGo), Transport For NSW will run an “app hot house” next week for developers to work on apps featuring real-time train information.

While initially, the department will focus on releasing information for Sydney suburban stations (apart from the station at Waterfall and the Carlingford Line), it intends to extend the coverage later.

Transport Minister Gladys Berejiklian said in a media release that,

“(they) are keen to improve the customer experience on the rail network and we know that a real-time train app will give customers the information they need to make decisions about their journey, all in the palm of their hand.”

The development of these apps will bring invaluable information to commuters about what is happening on the system wherever they may be.

Revealed through the media release also was that the technology will work via gathering information from markers on stations that will receive live information from the trains, immediately feeding back to customers via apps on their handheld devices.