Your iPhone Could Help You Identify Time Wasters

Your iPhone Could Help You Identify Time Wasters

aTimeLogger iOSIf one of your new years resolutions is to improve your productivity, finding out just how much time you waste everyday is a great start.

While geared more towards personal time wastage, aTimeLogger2 for the iPhone helps you reduce the time you spend on unproductive tasks such as Facebook and reading emails, so you can use all of your newly found spare time doing the things that you really want to or that help you in your professional life!

The app provides users with a list of predefined categories such as Sleep, Internet, Read and Housework. The app allows you to create your own categories oraTimeLogger 2 activities, as well as group similar activities together e.g. Internet and Email. You can record the time you spend doing a particular activity, by tapping on the category icon from the app’s timer page, which starts the timer.

To help you understand where you are wasting time, the app breaks down your activities in several ways. You can view the time spent by activity in a bar chart, a list or a pie chart. It even allows you to create customised reports as well, which you can export as CSV or HTML files.

For the multitasking maestros among you, you can also time two activities simultaneously, as well as pause/resume activities.

To help you combat those “can’t- be- avoided” tasks, you can also set timers for certain tasks to keep you on track.

aTimeLogger2 is available for $0.99 through the app store. There is also a free version called aTimeLogger available which has most (but not all) of the features of the paid version.

We’d love to hear of any other great apps our readers use to keep themselves productive, so share them with us!