How To: Reset Your Android Screen Lock Security Pattern/PIN

How To: Reset Your Android Screen Lock Security Pattern/PIN

Passcodes, passwords or security patterns are a fantastic feature of smartphones that allow you to keep your phone safe from prying eyes.

However, if you forget your password or security pattern on your Android device, this security feature can turn into a frustrating experience.

To help you overcome this inconvenient roadblock, follow the steps below to get you back up and running with your smartphone.

1Click the power button on your Android device to bring up the screen lock to enter your pattern. (On some phones, you’ll have to slide the lock screen slider to the right before you can get to the actual lock pattern.)

2You will have 5 chances to enter in your pattern or password in correctly, before the phone locks you out for 30 seconds (as indicated by the timer).


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3You should see an option “forgot your password” down the right hand bottom of the screen appear within this lock out (if you do not see it try to get back to the lock pattern before the 30 seconds expires).

Android Forgot Password, Security Pattern

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4Tap the Forgot Password button, and you’ll be prompted to enter the credentials of the Google account associated with the device

Forgot android security password pattern, Enter-Google-Account-Username-Password

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5Once you’ve successfully authenticated the account associated with the phone, you’ll be prompted to create a new unlock pattern/password.


And that’s it! You’ll be able to access your phone again with your new unlock pattern/ password!