Samsung Unveils Enormous 6.3-Inch Galaxy Mega Smartphone

Samsung Unveils Enormous 6.3-Inch Galaxy Mega Smartphone

In the mobile device world, Samsung strongly believes in Bigger is Better.

Samsung have popularised the ‘Phablet’ (not quite tablet not quite phone), with the 5.6inch Galaxy Note range, and have chosen to increase the screen size of every version of the Galaxy S range, so it comes as no surprise that Samsung wants to go even bigger.

Enter the company’s newest range, the ‘Mega’ line, which includes the behemoth galaxy Mega 6.3.

Samsung Galaxy Mega

Samsung Galaxy Mega Vs Galaxy Note II

Tech Specs

The Galaxy mega 6.3 sports, of course, a 6.3inch screen (to put it in perspective, the iPad mini has a screen size of 7.9 inches) coming in at a 720p screen resolution.

It will run on a 1.7GHz dual-core processor with 1.5GB RAM and will include the latest version of the Android operating system, Jellybean 4.2. In terms of storage, it will offer models with 8 or 16 GB of internal storage, which is expandable using a microSD card and it will include LTE connectivity.

The Galaxy Mega 6.3 will be joined by the slightly smaller Galaxy mega 5.8, which has an even lower resolution coming in at 960 x 540. It will run a 1.4 GHz dual -core processor, with 1.5GB  RAM and Android 4.2 Jellybean.

Both handsets have 8 megapixel rear-facing cameras and 1.9 megapixel front-facing cameras, which is a little bit behind other premium offerings such as the Samsung Galaxy S4’s 13 megapixel camera.


If you’re a fan of the stylus or S Pen found in the Galaxy Note range, you’ll be disappointed to know that the Galaxy Mega range will not have this included. However, it does have new capabilities such as S Travel, which provides trip information as well as local guides and resources and group play, which allows users to share content with other Galaxy phones and tablets on the same Wi-Fi network. The Galaxy Mega line will also include the new Air View feature that was first displayed on the Galaxy S4, where the screen reacts to a fingertip hovering above it by, for example, opening a drop-down menu or showing preview text in an email.

For Those That Want The Most Out Of One Device

Despite the enormous screen sizes, Samsung are clearly marketing the device to those customers who, as the company has stated, want “the most out of one device”. The choice to go bigger but forgo a full HD screen is a bit odd considering that one of the main appeals of a larger screen is the ability to comfortably consume media such as movies, YouTube videos, reading or browsing through picture galleries. However, this decision will bring the price down, which is great for those after a tablet but unwilling to spend money on multiple devices.


The Galaxy Mega 6.3 will be rolled out gradually according to Samsung, with the first arriving in Europe and Russia in May. At present there has been no word on when this range of Galaxy phones will be available in Australia, however, stay tuned for more details.

What are your thoughts on the Galaxy Mega range? Have Samsung taken “the bigger the better” ideal too far?