Welcome Phonenomena’s New Team Member!

Welcome Phonenomena’s New Team Member!


Brief Introduction

My name is Cheyenne and I am originally from Austin, Texas.
I moved to Australia in January of 2012, and have loved every minute of it.

Prior to working at Phonenomena I was at a telecommunications company in the States, both in the sales and customer service areas.







5 Things I Can’t Live Without

Family– Being so far from my family really highlights how important they are to me.

Humour– I dearly love to laugh and try everyday to make everyone around me have a bit of a giggle.

My Kitchen– I love cooking. On Sunday afternoons I can always be found in the kitchen trying out new ideas or perfecting old recipes.

Books– There is nothing better than a lazy weekend spent getting lost in a good book with my cat.

My Sparkly Tom’s– Toms are a brand of shoe from America that have a speciality line which are covered in glitter. I own all three colours available  silver, black and pink. You can never be stressed while wearing silver sparkly shoes!

What I Look Forward To Working At Phonenomena

 Getting to know all of our wonderful customers, and learning lots of new Aussie slang from my awesome co-workers