Drippler: A Personalized How-To Manual For Your iPhone and Android Device

Drippler: A Personalized How-To Manual For Your iPhone and Android Device

Ever find yourself asking “how do I do (fill in the blank) on my phone?” Maybe you just want to learn how to use it or how to do cool things with it?

While some of us are content to use our smartphones merely for calling, texting and occasionally searching the internet, there are others among you that yearn to get the absolute most out of your smartphone and turn it into a powerful productivity, entertainment or organisational tool.

Drippler AndroidAfter tallying 5 million downloads for their Android app, Drippler has become a go-to resource for providing users with tips, tricks and app recommendations tailored specifically for their device.

The purpose of the app is essentially to help you learn how to use your smartphone and how to do cool things with it. The app provides the user with one news story, how-to article, upcoming software updates, app or accessory recommendation a day called ‘Drips’. Drippler achieves this by “scanning┬áhundreds of gadget related websites across the web, including blogs, tech news sites, manufacturer websites, communities and more”, then using advanced data processing technology to match every piece of content to the relevant devices. It also identifies the content most interesting to you and then notifies you about it. By default, Drippler will provide you with one “Drip a day which is one cool thing we think you should discover about your device.”

The fantastic news is, after it’s resounding success in the Google Play store, the team behind Drippler are bringing the app to the iPhone via the app store.

If you’re ready to get the most out of your smartphone, you can download the free Drippler app for Android via the Google Play store and for the iPhone via the App Store.

If you’ve given Drippler a go let us know your thoughts in the comments below!