How To: Telstra connection manager not detecting 4G USB modem

How To: Telstra connection manager not detecting 4G USB modem

If your Telstra connection manager is not detecting your 4G USB modem (Sierra AirCard320U), the very first thing to try is to restart the computer or laptop you are trying to connect the USB modem to. Usually this will fix the issue, particularly if the modem was working previously.

However, if you are still having issues with the connection manager detecting the USB modem, check out the solutions below to get you back up and running!


Check The USB Port.

It is recommended that you use a USB 2.0 port with the 320U AirCard, so if you find your computer or the Telstra Connection Manager is not detecting the USB modem, you may need to try a different USB port.

a) Exit the Telstra connection manager

b) Remove the USB modem

c) Connect it again to your PC using a different USB port.



Uninstall the Telstra Connection Manager

You may not be running the latest version of the Telstra Connection Manager, which may affect the way in which the Connection Manager works with the USB modem.

a) Download the latest version of the Telstra Connection Manager here.

b) Remove the USB modem from the computer and uninstall the Telstra Connection Manager.

c) Make sure no other applications are open such as emails or your internet browser, and install the new version of the Telstra Connection Manager.

d) Open the Telstra Connection manager to complete installation. A restart may be required.

Note:¬†Some users have found using the manufacturer’s connection manager has solved their issues with the 4G USB modem. To download Sierra’s download manager click¬†here.



Update Device Firmware

If it is only the Telstra Connection Manager not detecting the USB modem (i.e. your computer detects it), it would be a good idea to download the latest version of the firmware for your Telstra 4G USB.

a) Download the latest firmware for the 320U AirCard here.

b) Make sure all of your other programs (including the Telstra Connection Manager) are closed but ensure the USB modem is still connected to the computer.

c) Open the installation file you downloaded and follow the on screen prompts.



Check Whether The Device is Faulty

If all else fails, you may be dealing with a faulty device.

a) Remove the USB modem and insert it into another computer or laptop with the Telstra Connection manager installed.

b) If the USB modem doesn’t work in another computer, the device is most likely faulty. If the device is within warranty, usually you will be eligible for the faulty device to be swapped out for a replacement.

You can send the device to us here at Phonenomena to kick start the repair process. If you are sending in your device to us, first fill out our repairs form here.