iOS 7 To Let You Block Unwanted Calls And SMS

iOS 7 To Let You Block Unwanted Calls And SMS

Whether it’s persistent telemarketers, overbearing family members or simply someone you don’t want to speak to, being able to block specific numbers from calling or sending you messages is a feature many mobile users have desired for a while.

ios 7 call blocking

Source: iClarified

Instead of relying on third party apps to selectively block numbers (which require modifying the native Phone app), Apple will be including this functionality in the latest version of their iOS platform, iOS 7. Apple announced this feature (along with iOS 7) at their annual WWDC conference this week, stating in a press release that the update to its iOS platform includes “Phone, FaceTime and Messages blocking to prevent specific people from being able to contact you.”

This feature builds on the ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature already available, which allows you to schedule to block calls and messages from all numbers except certain favourites or groups. Call blocking offers a more convenient way of blocking unwanted calls and text, by allowing you to block or blacklist a number indefinitely. Simply press the ios7_call_blocking_icon button next to the number and select ‘block this caller’. You can do this to your contacts as well, by opening up the contact entry and selecting ‘Block this caller’.

You can view all of the numbers/ contacts you have blocked via a ‘Blocked’ list, from which you can also choose to ‘Unblock’.

iOS 7 is expected to be released in Australia in Spring this year.