Looking For A Phone Charger You Can Carry On Your Keychain?

Looking For A Phone Charger You Can Carry On Your Keychain?

For those times that you need to save your phone from the clutches of a dead battery while you’re out and about, look no further than your keychain.

While every phone manufacturer provides a USB charger for their devices, CulCharge wants to be there ready to charge your phone whenever you are, so you can leave your bundle of cables at home.

USB smartphone charger Taking phone charging back to basics, this silicone charger that sports a USB plug on one end and a connection to a phone on the other, comes in at only 6cm long, making it small and light enough to keep in your pocket or on your keychain. While not retaining a charge itself, CulCharge allows you to charge your smartphone using anything with a USB port such as cars, laptops, desktops, printers, TVs, monitors, game consoles, airplanes and other electronic devices. To get into those hard to reach USB slots, the silicone design of the CulCharge allows the device to bend 180 degrees, ensuring that you’re not limited in your charging options.

As an added bonus, this tiny USB charger can also handle data transfers, giving you a portable storage device and charger in one.

The CulCharge will be available with connectors for both iPhone and Android devices i.e. lightning (iPhone 5), 30-pin (iPhone 4), micro-USB and mini-USB, which means no matter which device you have, the CulCharge will work with it.

The CulCharge is currently campaigning for backers on Indiegogo. They have already reached their $15,000 goal with 19 days left in the campaign. If you’re after one of these nifty little gadgets, you can pre-order yours for $10 for any device (except an iPhone 5) and $17 for an iPhone 5.

Check out the CulCharge in the video below:

Would the CulCharge come in handy for you?