Forgot Where You Parked Your Car? Your Smartphone Can Help!

Forgot Where You Parked Your Car? Your Smartphone Can Help!

Screenshot_2013-11-10-13-02-31Chances are, at some point in your life you’ve walked up and down a car park, street or venue wondering to yourself how you could’ve possibly forgotten where you parked your car.

With a shopping trolley full of groceries or a parking meter about to expire, this quickly turns into a point of frustration and inconvenience.

However, to save the humble driver from relying too heavily on his or her memory, Smart (makers of the Smart Car) have developed an app that can take charge of this highly important task.

Bring Me Back allows you to save the location of your parked car, which it determines using GPS. The location is approximate, but you can manually change the location of your car if it is not accurate enough. You can also add a photo and a description of the surrounds such as a landmark or the car park level to make it easier to locate your car when you need to.

Screenshot_2013-11-10-13-05-21When you’re ready to return to your car, you can choose for the app to either show you the route back to your car, show the exact location of your car or send the location to an email address or via text message. You can also open up the location in Google Maps by clicking on the Maps button, which will allow you to get directions from there.

For the times where you are restricted to a time limit, you can set the time when you should return to your car. You can also elect the app to send you a reminder for 10, 15 or 30 minutes before the time limit you set, to ensure you get to your car before this time limit is reached.

No more fines or parking fees!

Bring Me Back is available for Android and iOS for free on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.