Samsung Renews Push Into The Enterprise With Galaxy S5

Samsung Renews Push Into The Enterprise With Galaxy S5

With the launch of its new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5, Samsung is firing all cylinders in an effort to penetrate the enterprise market.

The Galaxy S5 finds itself added to Samsung’s list of SAFE (Samsung Approved For Enterprise) devices, which offer a variety of features that keep the devices and the data stored on these devices, secure.

The Enterprise appears to be the new battlefront in the smartphone arena, with many of the top smartphone vendors facing tough competition in a saturated consumer space. Indeed, as stated by Dan Shey, practice director of research firm ABI “with the maturing of the smartphone market, we expect OEMs to increasingly broaden their enterprise offerings. The result is that the rankings earned by Samsung, Apple, and BlackBerry will both shift and be challenged as enterprise becomes more reliant on mobile devices, apps, and services.” 

To further its push into the enterprise market, Samsung has used a combination of hardware and software to deliver a worthy contender for a businesses’ device of choice. Samsung has not only developed a powerhouse smartphone worthy of the flagship moniker, but it has also created an ecosystem to improve the security of data stored on its SAFE devices as well as adding or improving features to encourage productivity for end users.

At a glance, here is what the Galaxy S5 Offers:

  • Quad-core 2.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 Processor
  •  5.1 inch Super AMOLED full HD screen with 1080 X 1920 pixels (432 ppi)
  • 4G LTE Compatible
  • 16MP rear-facing camera, 2MP front-facing
  • HD Video recording
  • Android 4.2 KitKat  with TouchWiz UI
  • 16GB or 32GB Internal Storage Models, expandable up to 128GB via microSD.
  •  NFC

In addition to a powerful processor, impressive camera and 4G LTE compatibility, Samsung have made their flagship phone an attractive option for both end users and IT when considering which devices to offer or support in an enterprise environment.

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Reduced Smartphone Repair or Replacement Costs

Apart from cracked screens, water damage is among the most common repair cases we see here at Phonenomena.

Galaxy S5 business features


For businesses that bear the cost of repairing their staff’s smartphones, managing a fleet of devices that are water and dust resistant may help in reducing the number of devices that are sent in for repair. Particularly when liquid is involved.

The Galaxy S5 ships with IP67 rating. What does this mean? IP (Ingress Protection or International Protection) ratings refer to a classification system that shows the level of protection from the intrusion of solid object and liquids into mechanical and electrical devices. The first digit refers to protection against solid objects, ranging from 1 (protection against accidental touches by hand) to 6 (complete protection against dust). The second digit indicates the level of protection against water intrusion, and ranges from 1 (protection against condensation) to 8 (immersion below 1m and under pressure).

The Galaxy S5 has the highest rating of protection from solid objects (such as dust) and the second highest rating of protection against water intrusion. According to Samsung, the S5 is water resistant for up to a depth of 1m for 30 mins. This, along with the device’s damage resistant Gorilla Glass 3 screen, makes for a great option for outdoor work environments, or frequently travelling staff.

User Friendly Device Security

Samsung Galaxy s5 business features device security


Following in the steps of Apple, Samsung has included a biometric fingerprint scanner in the S5.

This feature allows users to register up to 3 fingerprints, which they can use to unlock and access the device instead of using a password or pattern.

Using a fingerprint instead of needing to type out a password is much a more convenient way to access a device. Instead of having to type out a password, the device is unlocked using a simple swipe of a finger. This may prompt users who usually do not set up a password to start securing their devices, which of course is vital when corporate data is accessed or stored on the device.

Despite the recent hack of the S5’s fingerprint scanner by Germany’s Security Research Labs, the use of biometric security as opposed to no security at all is certainly a much better option for devices being used in an enterprise setting. It offers a simple, convenient way for users to improve their device’s security.

Go Longer Without Charging

Samsung Galaxy S5 business extended battery life


Between multiple phone calls, checking emails, downloading documents, keeping up with the latest news and accessing corporate data, it’s no surprise that the battery can’t keep up.

While most have learnt to keep a charger, battery pack or charging case handy, it’s inevitable that busy professionals may find themselves with 10% battery left and no way of charging the battery before it’s too late.

To allow users to stay contactable even when their battery is dangerously low, Samsung has included an Ultra Power Saving Mode. This mode reduces the load placed on the battery to extend its usage, giving users more time to access a charger.

When Ultra Power Saving Mode is enabled, the user interface changes completely. The screen switches to greyscale, while only the essential apps such as the dialler, messages and the internet are made available to the user. Any power hungry applications or processes are disabled, including turning off mobile data, WiFi and Bluetooth. Users can add other apps, however, for apps such as Mail that usually run in the background, the user will need to open the app to receive emails.

Additionally, Samsung’s controversial decision to use a plastic back instead of metal or glass was made in part to address battery drain. The flexible plastic back allows easy access to the removable battery, which allows users to swap the depleted battery with a fully charged battery. For road warriors, this is a great way to keep their devices up and running.

Download Large Files Faster

Business documents such as presentations, PDFs and spreadsheets often need to travel with employees.



But what happens when they forget to load large documents onto their device before heading out the door?

The Download Booster feature speeds up the download of large files by combining 4G internet connectivity with WiFi. Samsung states that this feature can reach a max of 915Mbps theoretical download speeds, giving employees a means to download the latest document, no matter the size, in no time.

Gear 2 and Fit Connectivity

Samsung Galaxy S5 business smartwatch


Following its rather lacklustre foray into the smartwatch market with the Galaxy Gear, Samsung has updated its smartwatch offerings with the Gear 2 and Gear Fit.

While many are still sceptical regarding the usefulness of smartwatches, business users could see the most benefit. The Gear 2 connects to the Galaxy S5 using Bluetooth, which brings notifications such as emails, messages and calls to the smartwatch. This allows the busy professional to manage the constant influx of notifications without needing to access their phone each time.

Improved Security

In an effort to improve upon the security and management features native to Android OS, Samsung has included the following in their SAFE devices:

  • Enhanced support for Exchange Active Sync
  • On device encryption (AES256 bit ODE)
  • IP- based encryption for secure access to enterprise data
  • Enhanced Mobile Device Management which includes:

o   Enhanced security policy

o   Application management

o   Remote configuration

o   Kiosk mode

Samsung has also made its API available to MDM vendors to enable better integration of Samsung devices with these solutions.

These additions make it easier for IT to ensure corporate data and corporate networks are kept secure.