How Graphene Will Change The Future Of Mobile Technology

How Graphene Will Change The Future Of Mobile Technology

What is 200 times stronger than steel but six times lighter, a better conductor of electricity than copper or silicon and the next material of choice for electronic devices?

Discovered by two physicists from the University of Manchester, Graphene is shaping up to be the next big thing in electronics manufacturing. Indeed, the top players in smartphones and tablets including Google, Samsung and Apple, have all begun submitting patents referencing this innovative material.

The discovery of these amazing properties has led to not only its discoverers winning a Nobel Prize but, several new developments in manufacturing.  Researchers are experimenting with using it as a strengthening additive to existing materials and also as a standalone material to create devices like chips.

Samsung seems to be taking the lead in paving the way to a phone made of graphene.  Earlier this year Samsung reported that it had found a way to grow graphene on a larger scale ; this could take the material out of the realm of experiments to actual real world applications.  At the present, Samsung has 38 graphene related patents and 17 more waiting for approval.

So what does this mean for mobile phones and tablets?

The use of graphene to make and create mobile devices could change the face of the industry.  The leap in technology that graphene has the potential to create is comparable to the difference between a Nokia 3315 and an iPhone 5s.

Nokia 3315 iPhone 5s

Samsung has remarked that the material’s ability to be flexible while being stronger than steel makes it “the perfect material for use in flexible displays, wearables and other next generation electronic devices.”  The nature of graphene makes ideas like flexible casings, bendable displays and ultrathin and transparent phone bodies all genuine possibilities.

According to The International Business Times: “The race to graphene application and production can lead to better tablets, smartphones and wearable devices in the future. Analysts believe it should be just a matter of time before the next handsets from Samsung and Apple feature the technology.”

Thus far it appears that Samsung will be the leaders in graphene based devices although Apple is not out of the race entirely.  Apple has two graphene based patent applications waiting for approval at the present.

With inherent competition between the two tech giants, we may be seeing graphene devices sooner than you think.