Your Smartphone Can Help You Measure And Reduce Stress

Your Smartphone Can Help You Measure And Reduce Stress

“Stress is a major health threat in today’s society and it causes a range of psychological problems like burnouts, depression and anxiety,” explains a recent German study.

While most of us are aware of the negative impact stress can have on our health, managing stress is never a high priority. There’s a huge range of methods out there to help reduce or control stress in our lives, but did you know your smartphone can help?

Generally, smartphones, tablets and wearables are considered as one of the many causes of stress. But developers are aiming to change this perception.

From mediation apps to apps that provide calming sounds, there certainly hasn’t been a shortage of apps that aim to help reduce stress. However, developers are now turning their attention towards developing apps and wearables that also allow you to measure your stress levels easily.

To help you measure and reduce your stress levels using your smartphone, we’ve compiled a few great tools that do just that.

Stress Measuring App

Director of diabetes and endocrinology at Intermountain Healthcare, Dr Joel Ehrenkranz presented a new method for measuring stress using your smartphone.

At the International Society of Endocrinology and Endocrine Society Meeting in Chicago, Ehrenkranz explained that cortisol is a stress hormone that can be found in our saliva. Describing the innovation, he said “measuring salivary cortisol with this technology will provide a way for individuals to monitor their personal biometric stress levels, easily and inexpensively… by anyone with a smartphone.”

The saliva collected from under your tongue using the saliva collector coupled with the software will be able to provide your stress level results on your smart phone. The results would come through in five to ten minutes at a cost of approximately $5. Traditionally, these tests results would take up to a week to come through and roughly cost $50 for the simple procedure. For those of you looking to keep track of your stress levels, this is a convenient, inexpensive way to do so.

Unfortunately, it may take a while for you to get your hands on this technology. The test has been submitted to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for approval in 2015.

Muse Brainwave Sensing Headband

Using seven sensors, the Muse Brainwave Sensing Headband is an innovative brain fitness tool.

The Muse Brainwave Sensing Headband gathers information using sensors to detect and measure your brain activity. The information is then transferred via Bluetooth  to a designated smartphone or tablet for analysis with the Muse Calm App, available on Android and iOS.

The Muse device sits on your forehead similar to an 80’s sweatband. It then puts your brain through a serious of exercises and then uses the results to provide feedback. The idea is, the more you wear it, the more relaxed you feel and ultimately you will be able to focus much better.

The Muse Brainwave Sensing Headband is available directly from the Muse website in the colour black or white. The wearable costs $299 USD plus shipping and includes a brain fitness app with a series of guides to help improve your memory, attention span and relaxation skills.

Apps to Reduce Stress

Once you can see your stress patterns, you can then take simple and easy steps to reduce your stress levels with Android and iOS compatible apps.

Ambiance App

Source: iTunes Store


Development company Urban Apps, describe its Ambience app as an ‘environment enhancer.’

The app has been designed to create a more relaxed ambient atmosphere. You have the choice of over 2500 free sounds mixes to download and enjoy when it’s time to relieve that stress and focus only on relaxing.

Ambiance App is available for $3.79 from the App Store and $2.99 on the Google Play Store.

Simply Being App

Source: iTunes Store


 Simply Being App

Simply Being is a mobile meditation class.

The app offers you four different durations of meditation times with the choice to meditate with or without music, or nature sounds. The app also allows you to listen to relaxing music or nature sounds after your meditation has finished.

 Simply Being is available for $1.29 on the App Store and for $1.10 on the Google Play store.






Source: iTunes Store

Breathe2Relax App

Breathing is often described as a great stress relief exercise.

Breathe2Relax provides you with simple instructions on how to manage your stress with diaphragmatic breathing. The portable stress management tool will help you with stress relief, stabilising your mood and anxiety management.

Breathe2Relax is available for free on both the App Store and Google Play.





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