How To: Access Telstra MessageBank While Overseas

How To: Access Telstra MessageBank While Overseas

When travelling it’s important that you can still be reached, no matter where you are.

Telstra MessageBank is a great tool for ensuring you are always in the loop, but how do make use of MessageBank when you go overseas?

To make sure you never miss a beat we’ve created a simple step by step guide on how to access your MessageBank when you are overseas along with a few things you should know.

Accessing Your MessageBank While Overseas

1. Once you receive a text message that you have a new voicemail, dial: #101# or 101.

2. If dialling #101# or 101 does not work, send a blank reply (or the letter “m”) to the MessageBank SMS notification (the SMS will be charged at Telstra’s roaming SMS rate).

3. MessageBank will call you back and you can listen to the message (the call will cost you the roaming call rate for the country you are visiting).


How to Activate MessageBank

If you do not have access to MessageBank it may not be active on your service. To activate Messagebank, our corporate customers can call us to activate this service.

MessageBank Charges

There is no added international roaming cost to access your MessageBank. The deposit and retrieval costs remain as you are charged in Australia (i.e. 6c per 30 seconds deposit and 14c per 30 seconds for retrieval).

A Cheaper Alternative for Accessing Your Voicemail

Using MessageBank overseas can become very expensive as you are charged international roaming rates both when you make and receive calls and send messages to MessageBank. A cheaper option is Voice2Text. Voice2Text still works overseas and there is no extra charge to receive SMS.

So what is Voice2Text?

When someone rings you, they are given ten seconds to leave you a voice message. The content of the voice message will then be sent to you via text message. If the message is too long to fit into one Voice2Text message, you will receive a message with the following: “long message, call 101”. Calling 101 will allow you to listen to the original voice message.

This can be activated by:

i) We can enable Voice2Text for our corporate and business customers. Please give us a call on 1300 721 281 or send us an email to sales [at] phonenomena [dot] com [dot] au.

ii) Calling +61 4 3912 5111 (from outside of Australia)

iii) Telstra consumer customers can call 125 111 (within Australia)

Please note, there is a monthly fee for using the Voice2Text service. Please see Telstra’s Voice2Text page for pricing and more details.