A Guide To Telstra International Roaming Plans

A Guide To Telstra International Roaming Plans

Thinking about using your Telstra mobile service overseas while you travel?

Before you set off on your trip, you should consider the potential costs involved with making calls and using data while in another country.

International roaming, particularly data roaming, has received a bad wrap lately when it comes to bill shock. However, with a little bit of preparation and a whole lot of knowledge, you can reduce the chance of coming home to a large bill.

One way to reduce the cost of international roaming is to make use of Telstra’s international roaming plans for both voice and data. By using an international roaming plan for either voice or data, you avoid costly pay as you go rates in addition to making it easier to manage how many calls or SMS’ you make or how much data you are using.

To help you understand what plans are available and what you need to know about each plan, we’ve put together this great guide.


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