How To: Set Up Telstra MessageBank Plus On Your iPhone

How To: Set Up Telstra MessageBank Plus On Your iPhone

Did you know there’s an easier way to access voicemail on your iPhone?

Let’s face it, listening to your voicemail messages can be a tedious task. Unless you frequently dial 101, every time you need to be refreshed on the options for deleting and replaying, with no way to select exactly which message you want to listen to.

This is why MessageBank Plus is great. MessageBank Plus (also known as Visual Voicemail) is a visual interface for your voicemail messages on the Apple iPhone (iOS4.3 or later). It allows you to see a list of your voicemail messages and choose which one you would like to listen to. No more wading through streams of voicemails to find what you’re looking for!

So what else does MessageBank Plus offer and how do you set it up?


  • Telstra MessageBank Plus allows you to pick and choose what messages you want to listen to and what messages you want to listen to later.
  • The visual interface is designed with the contact’s name in the message header (Note: “Private Number” will be displayed if the caller has turned off their caller ID information).
  • Once read, the voice message will remain in MessageBank Plus for seven days. After seven days, the message will then be deleted unless deleted manually.
  • You can still change your voicemail greeting and listen to messages by dialling 101. By dragging the slider back and forth (similar to iTunes) you can instantly replay a message.
  • The Call Back button allows you to promptly call the person who left you the voice message.



To access MessageBank Plus, the feature needs to be activated by Telstra.

Consumers will need to call 125 111.

Phonenomena’s corporate and business customers can call us on 1300 721 281 to activate MessageBank Plus.

Once activated, you’ll want to record a personal greeting.

To record a personal greeting:

  1. Press the Phone icon on your home screen
  2. Select Voicemail
  3. Select Greeting
  4. Record your greeting
  5. Select Save to use the greeting



Telstra Messagebank Plus

Source: iLounge

So, now that you have MessageBank Plus set up, how do you use it?

  • A Blue Dot indicates a New Message
  • Use Play and Pause to listen to the message (drag the slider to replay/rewind)
  • Press Call to return the call (standard call charges will apply)
  • To delete voicemail messages you can:
  • Swipe the message to the left to delete one at a time
  • Tap Edit (in the top right hand corner) and little red minus buttons will appear next to all the messages. Tap the red minus buttons next to all the messages you would like to delete and press the Delete button.
  • Tap the message you would like to delete and press Delete to erase the message from MessageBank Plus
  • (Note: the message will  also be deleted in MessageBank)



  • There is a $5 monthly access fee to use MessageBank Plus, which includes the delivery within Australia to, and retrieval of all voice messages from, your iPhone.
  • When making calls using the Call Back feature and for diverting calls to MessageBank, normal charges apply.
  • If using MessageBank Plus overseas, you will be charged international data roaming rates for the delivery of messages to your iPhone.


For more information, see Telstra’s MessageBank Plus page.

Now that you know how to set up Telstra MessageBank Plus on your iPhone you can say goodbye to dialling 101! Enjoy listening to the voice messages of your choice when you want.

Have you got MessageBank Plus on your iOS device? Do you prefer MessageBank Plus or calling 101?