Take Your Post-it Notes Digital With 3M’s Post-it Plus App

Take Your Post-it Notes Digital With 3M’s Post-it Plus App

Found on desks, monitors, walls, whiteboards, appliances and even sometimes people, the humble Post-it Note has managed to survive the shift to a ‘paperless office’.

Used for capturing your brilliant ideas before they disappear, for quick scribbles or important reminders, they are still a staple for the office worker in all their sticky, colourful glory.

Now, the company behind the beloved Post-it Note, 3M, wants to take your Post-it Notes to a whole new level of collaboration and productivity.

Post-it Notes are going digital.

3M has developed a new, free mobile app that lets you create a digital board of your Post-it Notes, by capturing, organising and sharing your ideas, scribbles or reminders using your iPhone or iPad.

How Does It Work?

iOS productivity app Post-it Plus app

Source: 3M

The Post-it Plus app allows you to capture up to 50 square Post-it Notes at a time using your device’s camera. You can then select which ones you would like to digitise, by unchecking the checkmarks that appear above each Post-it Note.

Once the image has been captured, your Post-it board is up and running. Notes on your Post-it board can then be arranged, refined and re-organised by simply tapping and dragging the notes.

You can also:

  • Rename the group of notes.
  • Choose a different arrangement for your notes.
  • Rotate, brighten up, favourite and delete individual notes.


Why Digitise?


Source: 3M

You may be wondering why bother with digitising your Post-it Notes. Their ‘offline’ nature are their greatest appeal right?

While looking at a whiteboard full of colourful notes at the end of a brainstorming session gives you that warm, “we’ve been productive” feeling, post-meeting collaboration can fall short. Notes could go missing, sharing your ideas may have to wait until the next meeting or you couldn’t quite remember that great idea added by John. By digitising your notes using the app, it not only make it easier to store your ideas, but easier to also continue working on the board wherever you are.

The Post-it Plus app allows you to combine multiple boards, giving teams a great way to work together on ideas. Boards can also be shared via text, email, social media or other apps such as Dropbox or Evernote. Or, if you need it in a different format, you can export the board to PDF, PowerPoint, Excel or .zip.

So, if your meetings, ideas or everyday workflow depend on those little sticky, colourful pieces of paper, download the app and watch your Post-it notes supercharge your productivity!

Post-it Plus is available for the iPhone and iPad from the App Store.