How To: Transfer Music From iPhone To Android

How To: Transfer Music From iPhone To Android

Switching to Android from an iPhone?

If you make use of your smartphone as a music player, you probably want to transfer your music to your Android device.

There are two ways to transfer your music from an iPhone to an Android.

If you use iTunes to manage your music, using Google Music will be the easiest way to transfer your music. Google Music features a great iTunes sync option that allows you to import all of the music stored in iTunes, which you can then play on your Android via the Google Music app.

The other option is to simply drag and drop your music from your PC onto your device.

Method 1 – Google Music

Google Music is a free service, managed using your Google Account. It allows you to shop for music as well as transfer music stored on your computer onto your Android device.

Not only can you do a one-off sync of your music in iTunes into Google Music, but you can continue to use iTunes and automatically sync any new purchases to your Google Music Account.

Transferring Music from an iPhone to a PC:

  1. Sign into Google Music on the same computer where your iTunes is installed.
  2. Download the Music Manager by selecting the Settings icon and selecting Upload Music > Download Music Manager. Choose the iTunes option when it asks you where you want to store your music.
  3. Select Upload All Songs and Playlists (you can also select individual playlists and podcasts).


Transferring Music from a PC to an Android:

  1. Open up the Play Music app on your Android device and select the Google account that will be linked with the Android device. Note: If you don’t select an account, you will only be able to listen to the music you’ve copied directly onto your device from a computer.
  2. If you select the wrong account, you can change this by going to Settings > Google Account.

Syncing Options

You can either manually sync or enable auto sync for your music.

To enable auto sync:

  1. Navigate to Data Usage > Menu and select Auto sync data.
  2. To select which data types to automatically sync, go to  Settings > Account and select your Google account.
  3. Select the Google account you are using to transfer all of your data.
  4. Check Sync Google Play Music.


Indicates that some or all of an account’s information is configured to sync automatically.

Indicates that none of an account’s information is configured to sync automatically.


Method 2 – Drag And Drop

Being able to directly drag and drop data from your PC onto an Android device is among the best perks of the Android OS.

Your music files are no exception to the drag and drop functionality. The only catch is you need to know where all of your music is stored!

Transferring Music from a PC to an Android:

  1. Plug your Android into your computer using a USB cable.
  2. The USB icon should appear on your Android.
  3. Drag the notification bar down and there will be an entry titled USB connected. Tap (or click) it.
  4. Tap Connect USB Storage.
  5. You should see your Android device registered in Windows Explorer as a removable device.
  6. Select your Android device.
  7. You should now see the contents of the SD card in your Android device. If there is no folder called Music just create a new one.
  8. Find where your music is stored, copy the music you want to transfer and paste it into the Music folder on your Android.


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