Life is Good With the LG G4 Smartphone

Life is Good With the LG G4 Smartphone

Big smartphone brands like Apple, Samsung and HTC often take centre stage. Leaving the other contenders to be easily forgotten.

The new LG G4 released in Korea this week has some impressive features to keep up with the big names.

What’s New in the LG G4?

LG G4 Camera

Source: LG

The 16megapixel F1.8 lens is one of the main features of this stylish new handset. Those who appreciate manual controls in a camera are going to love the G4.

With control over everything from white balance to manual focus this smartphone is a portable camera keeping up with the competition.

With most major smartphone brands sticking with non-removeable batteries it will be welcomed that this is not the case with the G4. A removeable 3000mAh battery offers customers the option to change the battery with a spare, or replace it if damaged.

LG G4 Features


Camera for a Pro

The 16megapixel rear camera allows full manual control for a pro. This includes manual adjustment of shutter speed, exposure, white balance, ISO and focus. There is also the choice to shoot in RAW or JPEG and a level gauge to analyze images taken.


Full Grain Leather Back

The G4 comes with either a full grain leather back or a textured hammered array back. Available colours will differ according to region.


SD Card Slot Up to 128GB

Micro SD cards up to 128GB are supported as external storage for the G4. This means that more space on the 32GB internal storage can be spared by moving larger files to the SD card.


Removeable 3000mah Battery

Smartphones with removeable batteries are becoming harder to find. The G4 offers a 3000mAh removeable battery so you can carry a spare, or replace it easily when damaged.


LG G4 Tech Specs

  • 5.5inch QHD screen (2,560 x 1440 pixels)
  • 16 megapixel F1.8 rear-facing camera
  • 8 megapixel F2.0 front camera
  • 3GB RAM
  • 1.8GHz Hexa-Core Processor
  • 32GB internal storage, (expandable storage Micro SD up to 128GB)
  • Android 5.1 Lollipop
  • SIM Size:  Micro SIM
  • Bluetooth version 4.1
  • 3000mAh removable battery, replaceable, wireless charging supported
  • Available colours: Varies by region, includes grey, white, gold and leather variations



The LG G4 has just launched in Korea and is expected to launch in Australia in early June. Pricing is yet to be confirmed.

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