How To: Change the Language on a Windows Phone

How To: Change the Language on a Windows Phone

Need to change the language on your Windows phone?

Perhaps there was a wrong button press in the settings menu or the language was already set when you bought the phone.

Below are some simple steps for changing the language on your Windows handset.

Changing the Language on a Windows Phone

In the event your menu is in another language you may find it difficult to make your selections. If this is the case, use the tips below.

  1. Head to Settings. (Swipe down the top of the display and tap the gear icon on the right).
  2. Scroll down and select Language. Tip: Language is close to the time zone settings which look like UTC -8:00 etc. The second item below that is Language.
  3. Press the plus sign.
  4. Choose your language and tap the check button at the bottom.
  5. Restart the phone by selecting the button above the language list.

The language should now be updated on your Windows device.

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