iOS 9 and More From Apple WWDC 2015

iOS 9 and More From Apple WWDC 2015

Were you following the 2015 Apple World Wide Developers Conference?

This year’s conference showcased a handful of new products and features. Announcements included iOS 9, the second version of OS for the Apple Watch, a new News app and Apple Music.

These new features keep Apple neck and neck with Google and add to the iOS vs. Android Debate.

iOS 9 Is Coming Soon

The next edition of iOS will shortly be here. iOS 9 brings system improvements for better performance, better security and better battery life.

Siri has been improved to have less interpretation errors and will be able to better anticipate your requirements. This means a more proactive assistant and less explanation when requesting information from Siri. This proactive behaviour could be as simple as loading music files when you plug in your headphones or scanning your emails when you receive an unknown call.

There is also an update to the Maps app whereby transit information will be displayed. This includes bus and train schedules and approximate walking times. The update will first roll out to selected cities around the world.

iPad multitasking is also on the agenda with the introduction of Splitview and Slide Over. Splitview will allow two apps to share the screen at one time while Slide Over allows a full screen preview of all apps running. A new keyboard will also add useful features such as copy and paste, text formatting, attachments and camera buttons.

iOS 9 will be available for iPhones and iPads later this year.

Watch OS 2

The second version OS for the Apple Watch has also been announced. Photo album watch faces, a night stand mode, and Native Apps are part of the update. Another great feature is tetherless Wi-fi which means the watch can now connect to a Wi-fi network without the use of an iPhone.

A News App That’s New

Newstand will be replaced by a News app that supports animations, videos and infographics. According to your reading habits it will pull articles from partnered magazines and publications such as The New York Times, Wired and Vanity Fair.

Apple Music

The new music streaming service aptly named Apple Music was announced. The three standouts are the streaming service itself, a 24/7 radio station and the ability to connect with artists. The service does require a membership however a free three month trial should be available soon.

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