How To: Be a Google Maps Expert

How To: Be a Google Maps Expert

Google Maps is an integral tool in your digital tool box.

It is great for route searching, traffic conditions and step by step navigation. There are plenty of extra features however to enhance the experience and get the most out of Google Maps.

If you are commuting by public transport, walking or cycling, or driving there is a whole lot more that Google Maps can do.

If you are driving ensure your device is securely mounted and that you are not operating the device while driving. Initiate the navigation before you start driving and use voice commands if required. Most of all drive carefully and focus on the road not the device.


Straight Into Navigation by Long Pressing the Blue Button

Google Maps will offer various routes to reach your destination, and this can be seen by clicking the blue navigation once.

However, if getting to the destination in the most efficient way is more important simply hold the navigation button to jump straight into the trip.

Unlock Your View

The compass icon will allow Google Maps to be displayed in either a north facing aspect or responsive to the direction you are facing. By touching the compass icon you will be able to change between the two views.

One Finger Zooming

Double tap the screen, hold and slide either up or down to zoom in and out. When you only have one hand free this is extremely helpful.

Change to a Better View

By placing two fingers on the screen and sliding up or down you can activate the 3D view. In denser city areas this will show buildings in a 3D view.

Touching the compass icon at anytime will return the view to the standard view.

Drop a Pin Anywhere

By tapping and holding anywhere on Google Maps you will be able to drop a pin and save that location. This is especially useful if you need to save a location that isn’t a street or building or searchable address.

Voice Recognition in Navigation

Touching the microphone icon in navigation mode will start the voice recognition engine. You can ask for details about the traffic, when the next turn will be and what the time of arrival will be.

Try saying “When will I get there?” or “What’s my next turn?”

Note: If your destination is a business Google Maps will now tell you if your destination will be closed by the time you get there.

Please leave your comments and let us know if you have any tips or tricks for using Google Maps.