Predictions from the First Mobile Phone Inventor

Predictions from the First Mobile Phone Inventor

In 1973 the first handheld mobile phone was unveiled by Motorola.

A researcher and executive at Motorola at the time, Martin Cooper made the first call on the phone. Now more than 40 years later he has spoken to Motherboard about the days of the first handheld mobile and his predictions for the future.

I envisage a future in which the talking part maybe embedded under your skin behind your ear along with a powerful computer that you can talk to, someday you will be able to think to it. That will be the optimum voice telephone. Martin Cooper, Inventor and 'Father of the Cell Phone'.

The video below by Motherboard is an insightful piece of mobile history and explores concepts for future mobility such as embedded devices, apps of the future and artificial intelligence.


The first handheld mobile phone was the Motorola DynaTAC. It weighed 1.1kg, had a talk time of only 30minutes, and took 10 hours to charge.


40 years on and we are following mobility as it develops. Can you predict what mobility will be like in another 40 years?

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