How To: Stop Siri Access From Your Locked Screen

Stop Siri Access Through Your Locked Screen

How To: Stop Siri Access From Your Locked Screen

Picture this: You’ve left your iPhone lying around, on the bus or in a restaurant. Someone picks up your phone and finds your screen is locked. They then proceed to ask Siri to tell them your call history, send messages or ask directions to the home or office of one of the contacts in your phone. This is all done while your screen is locked.


Siri, the voice assistant for iOS, is an excellent tool. It allows you to view recent calls, send messages and post to social media, even from your lock screen. The downside to this is that anyone close to your phone can do the same, simply by asking Siri.

If you are concerned about security the solution is to restrict Siri access from the locked screen.

Head to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode, enter your passcode, then under Allow Access When Locked, Turn Off Siri.

You will still be able to use Siri though not from the locked screen. If you need this feature again in the future simply turn it on in the settings.

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