Where To After 25 Years of Wi-Fi?

25 Years of Wi-Fi

Where To After 25 Years of Wi-Fi?

The IEEE Standards Association has released an infographic celebrating the 25th anniversary of IEEE 802.11: today’s Wi-Fi standard.

It highlights the growth of Wi-Fi from its introductory 2Mb/s speeds up to the recent 7 Gb/s IEE 802.11ac standard and also outlines future developments.

“The 802.11ad amendment deals with 60 gigahertz wireless operations. The technical challenges of building radios in 60 GHz are much more difficult than in the 2-4 GHz or 5 GHz ranges. Those products are going to be later to market; I expect they’ll be more prevalent in 2016, 2017 and beyond. 60 GHz will be another spectrum band that will be available for very low range applications such as those within a room; primarily docking applications and video applications. The current 60 GHz standard provides data rates of up to 7 Gb/s. The next-gen 60 GHz standard, 802.11ay, will go up to 20 Gb/s.” Dorothy Stanley, IEEE 802.11 Working Group.

What's Next After 25 Years of Wi-Fi

Source: IEEE Standards Association

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