What is the Apple Pencil?

Apple Pencil

What is the Apple Pencil?

The iPad Pro is coming in November and one accessory you’ll want to have is the Apple Pencil.

Letting you get down to the pixel level, the Apple Pencil expands on the versatility of Multi-Touch. While you may have never used an Apple Pencil before Apple believes it will feel familiar and does what you’d expect a pencil to do.

Apple Pencil Features

It’s impressive what Apple have been able to fit into the size of a pencil:


Low Latency

The iPad Pro scans the Pencil’s signal 240 times per second, twice what it collects from your finger. You will see virtually no difference in the time between what you draw and what you see on the screen.


Pressure Sensitive

Sensors inside the pencil measure how hard the tip of the Apple Pencil is being pressed. You can use pressure to create everything from thin light lines to thick dark lines.


Tilt to Shade

Tilt sensors inside the pencil tip calculate orientation and angle and pass this to the iPad. This allows you to add shading as you would with charcoal or a pencil.


Easy Charging

15 seconds of charging equals 30 minutes of battery life. Simply slide off the end of the pencil to reveal a Lightning connector.


Integrating the Apple Pencil into apps is well supported in iOS 9. Sketch in Notes, add creative elements to an email, or simply start drawing in Paper by FiftyThree.

The Apple Pencil will be available in November when the iPad Pro launches and will cost $99 USD. For a closer look check out Apple’s video for the Apple Pencil.


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