Why Do People Uninstall Apps?

Why Do People Uninstall Apps

Why Do People Uninstall Apps?

Have you ever deleted an app off your mobile device? Perhaps it was because it took up too much storage space, or because of intrusive advertising, or even due to privacy concerns.

An infographic titled “Why Apps Are Being Uninstalled” has been released by the UK organisation ITR and offers an insight into the behaviour of mobile device users.

The results focus of the following key areas:

How Long Do We Keep Apps For?

The overall average app retention rates show that after the first month there is a significant drop in how long we keep apps.


Why Apps Are Being Uninstalled

The main reasons apps were uninstalled were due to taking up too much storage, intrusive advertising, apps crashing, privacy concerns and poor design.


The 8 Most Common App Usability Design Mistakes

Design mistakes that lead to apps being uninstalled include a non-standard user interface controls, lack of language support and an overload of features.


Apple Store vs. Google Play

The advantages and disadvantages of both app platforms are also outlined in detail.


Take a closer look at the infographic below or directly from ITR.

Why Do People Uninstall Apps

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