11 Features of Apple WatchOS 2

Apple WatchOS 2

11 Features of Apple WatchOS 2

The Apple Watch is an impressive extension of your iPhone and is powered by its own operating system: watchOS.

The second iteration, watchOS 2, is packed with range of new features. These include more faces, more powerful apps and a nightstand mode.

Outlined below are 11 features of the Apple watchOS 2.


Put more faces on your watch

Choose from either a photo from your gallery, a photo album that changes every time you raise your hand or a timelapse created by Apple.


Customise your complications

Information from App Store apps can now be displayed on the screen as a complication. These could be flight times, or news headlines or simply the weather.


Time Travel to see your future

Use the Digital Crown to go back in time or look into the future. You’ll be able to check tomorrow’s schedule or compare the weather over the rest of the day.


Nightstand mode is for when you sleep

When the watch is placed on its side and connected to a charger it will go into Nightstand mode. Turn off an alarm by pressing the side button, or to snooze press the Digital Crown.


Apps are faster and more powerful

Native apps run entirely on your Apple Watch, making loading and operation much faster. Also take advantage of watch features such as the Taptic Engine, Digital Crown, accelerometer, heart rate sensor, speaker and microphone.


Multiple Friends screens

Friends can be listed in groups with up to twelve contacts a page. Multiple pages allow you to separate contacts and quickly navigate to find the contact you’re looking for.


Create colourful sketches

More colours are now available for Digital Touch, a tool that lets you draw and send sketches to other Apple Watch wearers.


Display public transport

Now Transit helps you find the best route from your location. Selected cities in the world will show detailed maps and accurate train, tram and bus schedules.


Siri is a personal assistant

Siri is now even more versatile than ever before. Use your voice to start tasks in apps or to search.


Activation Lock protects your watch

Save your watch if it is lost or stolen by enabling the Activation Lock. Your information will be safe even if your watch is not.


How To Install WatchOS 2

If you need to upgrade the Apple Watch operating system to version two then follow these simple steps:

  1. With at least 50% charge on your phone, ensure it is connected to Wi-Fi.
  2. You’ll need to have iOS 9 installed on your phone.
  3. On your iPhone choose the Apple Watch app.
  4. Select General.
  5. Select Software Update.
  6. Choose Download and Install when prompted.
  7. You will then be asked to enter your passcode.
  8. To agree to the Terms and Conditions select yes.
  9. Choose Install on both your iPhone and Apple Watch and wait for the update to complete.

Your Apple Watch you should now be updated to WatchOS 2.

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