Tips for Staying Safe Online

Keep Safe Online

Tips for Staying Safe Online

An important part of business survival is staying safe online. While it is easy to forget about online safety it is often far too late when an incident occurs.

Following these simple steps can help to keep you safe online.


Use Stronger Passwords

Having unique passwords for each of your logins helps isolate logins from one another. If an unauthorised user accesses one of your accounts it will make it harder to access others. Using a combination of uppercase, lowercase, numbers, symbols and unique words will make passwords a lot stronger.


Keep Devices Secure

Make sure that devices have a security lock and are kept locked when not in use. Data sent over unsecure Wi-Fi networks is also at risk and should not be transferred unless through a secure VPN.


Keep Software Updated

Unauthorised access can be gained through exploits found in software. Updates to software provide patches to address these vulnerabilities so it is important to keep your software up to date. Most software has automatic updates or if not then this can be found within the software.


Use Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication uses a second, and sometimes a third, method for logging in. This usually is an additional code sent by SMS, additional information such as secret answers, or a code taken from an electronic token. Even if a login password is compromised the next level of authentication needs to be known to be able to access the account.


Avoid Suspicious Emails

Phishing scams are attempts by third parties to collect your personal information, such as login information, passwords and banking details. Emails sent from third parties pretending to be a known entity are common. If you are unsure, contact the known entity to check if the communication is genuine.


Regularly Back Up Data

Ensure that data is backed up to an external drive, or cloud storage or better yet, both. In the event that data is stolen, deleted or frozen, backups are essential for quickly getting back important files.


The Australian Government Initiative Stay Smart Online has released an infographic outlining why Australian Businesses Need to Make Online Security a Priority.

Keeping Safe Online


Staying safe online is important for all of us and following these simple tips can help.

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