Apple Pay Launched in Australia

Apple Pay

Apple Pay Launched in Australia

Apple Pay has been launched in Australia, by American Express. Currently all other credit cards are not supported.

Using Apple Pay as a payment method is both convenient and safe, offering a more secure way of authorizing transactions.

The key features of Apple Pay are:



Instead of using your credit card number for transactions Apple Pay assigns a unique Account Number which is stored in a dedicated chip on the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. This is used to process the payment and means that your credit card number is never shared or transmitted with the payment. Payments also require Touch ID or a passcode so only you can authorize payments.



If your phone is stolen or lost you can stop transactions from being approved. By using Lost Mode in Find My iPhone it is easy to quickly suspend Apple Pay.



Not having to show your credit card means that your name, card number or security code is never shown in store. This keeps your personal information safe from prying eyes.



Apple Pay is accepted everywhere that American Express contactless payments are accepted. This includes supermarkets, restaurants, hotels and more. Also Apple Pay will soon be supported as a payment method inside apps from the App Store.


How to add a Card to Apple Pay on iPhone

Currently Apple Pay in Australia only works with cards from American Express.

To add a card to Apple Pay on an iPhone:

1. Open the Wallet app and tap the sign in the upper right corner.
2. Scan your card using the iPhone’s camera, or manually enter the details.
3. Enter the four digit security code from your card.

The card will now be added to Apple Pay and you will be able to use it for contactless payments.


How to Pay with an iPhone

Paying with an iPhone in store is incredibly simple. There is no need to open any apps or select any pages.

To pay with an iPhone:

• Hold your iPhone near a contactless reader with your finger on Touch ID.


How to Pay with an Apple Watch

Paying with an Apple Watch is a convenient and safe way of making payments in stores that support Apple Pay.

To pay with an Apple Watch:

• Double tap the side button and hold the display of the Apple Watch up to the contactless reader.
• A tap and beep will confirm the payment has been sent.


Apple Pay will work with the following devices:

iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, iPhone 6, 6 Plus (in Apps and in Stores)
Apple Watch (in Stores)
iPad Pro, Air 2, iPad mini 4, mini 3 (in Apps)


Apple Pay has certainly made contactless payments with Apple devices safer and more convenient.

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